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Besides my deep love of pepperoni pizza, I like very hot baths, hanging with my family (two kids, husband, dog and turtle), spicy romance novels, singing and playing guitar, swimming in the ocean, very slightly dirty vodka martinis with blue cheese olives, comfy pants, and friends who dance with me in my kitchen.

  • After graduating college in Chicago, I moved to New York City where I was an actor and comedian – writing, auditioning, producing and performing – while working odd jobs between gigs. One of my bartending customers gave me a position as a receptionist at his boutique design firm where the Art Directors took me under their wings and I became a sponge about everything graphic design. From there, I was hired to do some simple copy and paste design work at one of of NYC's most esteemed PR firms, Bullfrog & Baum, and my natural drive and entrepreneurial spirit led me to build them an entire design department as an additional service offering to their clients. Suddenly, I was making invitations to Iron Chef events, designing menus for new restaurants, creating branded digital and print collateral for the finest restaurants in New York City and helping elite liquor brands elevate their tasting events. I learned A TON.

    When my husband and I started our family, I began freelancing and we moved from New York City to my hometown of Denver, CO. Within the first year back home and six weeks after having baby #2, I created 'The Pump and Dump Show' with my friend of 30 thirty years and business partner, Tracey Tee. What started as a local, monthly show for moms in northwest Denver, turned into a multi-cast, nationally touring hit and became just one branch of our larger media brand, Band of Mothers, which also included a weekly podcast, an app and an online marketplace. Tracey was CEO and I was the Chief Creative Officer for BOM while we both still wrote, hosted, produced and performed within all of our thriving creative entities. We ran a beautiful 15 person team full of talented, loyal employees and representation who helped us reach levels we never thought possible. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans for us (we were mainly a live event business) and along with many other small businesses, we were forced to shut-'er-down.


    Since 2020, I have rediscovered my passion for helping businesses and I've returned to freelancing as a 'Creative Consultant,' using my many years of business, producing, writing, marketing and design experience to help people level-up and get clear about where they want to go and how they want to get there. I help companies visually represent their brands and ideas though graphic design and websites, pitch decks and presentations, but I also love brainstorm sessions and asking questions that don't quite have answers – yet. I am inspired by my clients' big thinking and pursuits of their own entrepreneurial dreams (having deeply and graciously lived mine) and I feel a natural pull to get my hands dirty in their ideas and help them push away their fears so there's nothing left but inspired action. 


    I am a contracted freelancer focused on Creative Direction, Consulting and Graphic Design. I use my 20+ years of experience producing, collaborating and designing to help my clients with all of their visual presentation and marketing.


    I co-founded BOM with the mission to support moms through generosity and humor - because everyone is doing the best they can. Our media company expanded from a small, local comedy show to a self-franchised, multi-cast, national tour supported by a weekly podcast and an online marketplace.


    I co-hosted and co-produced the weekly, popular, BOM podcast, including recording and sound editing, in partnership with Warner Bros. / Telepictures. We were selected by both Wondery and Audacy networks for distribution.


    I co-wrote, co-produced and performed in this cult-hit, nationally touring comedy show, hitting over 70 cities in the US, multiple times. Our content was ever-changing and expanding, as was our team. I managed all of the creative marketing/design content, including social media graphics and video editing.


    I co-founded this independent invitation design company, specializing in bespoke, interactive print materials.

    2005 – 2010  •  ART DIRECTOR  •  BULLFROG & BAUM

    I created the in-house design department at one of the most esteemed Hospitality and Lifestyle PR firms in New York City. Our clients included celebrity chefs and food industry giants such as Bobby Flay, Laurent Tourandel, the Iron Chef TV show, Michael Psilakis and Marcus Samuelsson.

  • I work with all types of clients, from entrepreneurs to big businesses. I am a fractional Creative Director for multiple companies, a designer and collaborator when marketing teams need professional collateral, and a strategist who helps start-ups clarify their messaging. Whether you need a digital pitch deck, printed annual report, new website, social graphics or marketing advice, I'm your gal.

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